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My name is Markus. I started collecting Formula One replica helmets 15 years ago. After a few years it became clear to me that most of the helmets I was looking for were either not available or very expensive. So I made an attempt to paint a helmet myself. And failed. Many times. But I enjoyed doing it and gradually made some progress. Markus-Classic-Helmets.com shows the result so far: A collection of replica helmets of all 33 Formula One World Champions and a gallery of replica helmets of other famous drivers.
Every new project starts with the search for the vintage helmet that matches the brand and type that was used by the driver at a particular time. Those helmets may be hard or easy to find, more or less expensive, almost new and ready to paint or in need of a thorough restoration.  The ultimate goal is the same, to paint an accurate replica of a specific helmet. As I mentioned, I enjoy doing this. To continue this work I also sell replica helmets from time to time. The ones available are announced at Facebook and listed on Ebay.  If you are interested, please take a look. And if you have any questions or remarks, please send a message.
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70 Years Formula One Racing Helmet History